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    Charting countries is important because companies and their policies should be compared to the surroundings in which they operate for any comprehensive outcome. If a company does things better then the standard in the same country it should be made possible to point that out and not just look at global average stats or whatever.

    Ecology standards should be the same globally.
    But is that really applicable in practice?
    Some basic ones must be the same, but that can only really happen by putting a high w:price of life on w:nature's services. Probably need to trash the IMF and WTO first.
    Social standards will vary based on culture. Let's start with that assumption.
    Yes. Let's do
    Ecological integrity though is independent of culture. Erosion and sedimentation and pesticide runoff will destroy ecosystems regardless of what anyone thinks or wants, and if it's acceptable to the people living in a place, that just means they're desperate and maybe stupid. You can't accept ecological horrors just because "social standards will vary". That's why they must be baseline economic issues everywhere, and certainly for these services. Some factions may want ONLY to care about these, and that's fine, because there's a case to say that well-run ecosystems will take care of a certain number of people, and that's that, extra people will always be killed off by nature itself or by competition. That would be the w:Deep Ecology view. Other factions like Greens would say you can save more people if you follow some basic fairness rules. The Pinks might think these are basic and you have to have them first, before you can save anything natural. Though Greens argue back that if you wait until everyone's equal, there's nothing left of nature, and everyone's so poor they keep fighting, so it's equality of poverty.

    Now there are many ways to categorize all different questions:

    1. What's theory? (law o' court)
    2. What's practice? (law o' street)
    3. How do they interrelate and what factors it depends on?
    1. Human rights
    2. Workers' rights
    3. Environmental protection
    4. Ecological integrity is much more limited and basic and objective than so-called "environmental protection"
    5. Historical considerations
    6. Geographical considerations - see ecoregion
    7. "Consumerium friendliness"

    We probably need a lot more help working on this page and its format. See Consumerium:intermediate page format which maybe should be Consumerium:intermediate product page while what is discussed above is Consumerium:intermediate country page format.

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