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    "Development wiki is not the place for stating claims of corruption unless they are somehow tied to the possibilities of CGO becoming corrupt in some way that could be avoided by looking at predece) "

    Which is EXACTLY, OBVIOUSLY what Wikimedia corruption is doing: they are leaning on you to censor things, they are sending their sysop power structure over to interfere, they are giving vandalbot code to those who will use it against Recyclopedia and other projects that could have been useful background material projects.
    If you want alleged Wikimedia corruption to be muted as a Develop Wiki and Research Wiki issue, then, simply, redirect w: to Wikinfo not Wikipedia. Until then, Consumerium Governance Organization is just as corrupt as Wikimedia since it accepts censorshop of w:Genuine Progress Indicator and other essential material, without which you can't hope to have a serious discussion of quality of life or how moral purchasing enhances it.
    These people are the ENEMY of life on this planet, that's what you don't seem to understand. They are not even friends to each other, notice the Wales versus Secretlondon affair, or the way Sokolov eventually disavowed himself of the Wikipedia Red Faction. They are sociopaths, not people you can make friends with, just people who are friendly to you to get what THEY want. Wake up:
    To them, corruption is as natural as breatheing. They are totally unable to see their own systemic bias and all actions they take, no matter how stupid or unaccountable, are justified by "following rules" or some such robotic ideal.
    In other words, the Wikimedia corruption is spreading HERE: some suggestions on how to stop it:
    1. redirect w: to Wikinfo
    2. invite entire Wikipedia Red Faction into CGO
    3. pursue an anti-systemic bias project such as deliberate recruitment of developing nations people to undo lies about them in the GFDL corpus or cognitive scientists and psychologists to examine claims made in w:physics and such articles in the GFDL corpus
    4. the previously discussed libel suit, class action suits, and etc. all motivated by proof that Wikipedia violates GFDL and propagates libel.
    5. politics as usual - insider articles panning the clique that runs those projects into the ground - see English Wikipedia User Richardchilton for a prototype of the type of article that could appear in w:The Guardian.