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    All of the above are essential since not doing them leads to the wrong result, or no result (also wrong) at the point of purchase. For instance to not know who owns who can let a company that is truly horrible compete simply by creating a front company. To not have Adbusters helping to create and publicize the standard barcode we agree on, means we lose essential publicity and help from them, and their programs of anti-propaganda billboards and truth-telling. To not include travel is to have no influence on the largest discretionary decision people usually make in a year - where to spend their vacation. The ability to check which tourism packages are best or worst with a single click or code is a huge edge for a happy future! Letting no body convince you that some body doesn't matter, or matters less than the no body who says so, is a sure way to help no-body corporations and ideology destroy some-body apes, dolphins, forests and this planet.

    There used to be - * Eurodicautom - Official EU jargon terms translated from 12 languages to 12 languages. Useful in checking what is the widely used expression for something in English. Quite certainly the service exists but URL and access is moved. --Juboxi (talk) 16:50, 16 January 2016 (EET)

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