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= Consumerium list of alternative financial services lists =
 == Multiple countries / global Socially Responsible Investing ==* - Global BTC based P2P lending* - Bitcoin based SME funding* [[w:BTCJam|BTCJam]] [ (.com)] - P2P loans using [[w:bitcoin|bitcoin]]sis an online impact investing platform where socially conscious investors can invest in entrepreneurs and sustainable * [[w:Kiva (organization)|Kiva]] [ (.org)] microcredit is an international nonprofit, founded in 2005 and based in San Francisco, with a mission to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty. It provides P2P microcredits in 82 countries - Their slogan is "To connect people through lending to alleviate poverty"* is a [[w:Public-benefit corporation]] offering a platform for making [[w:Socially responsible investing|socially responsible investments]] in USD.* https://www.swellinvesting.eucom/offers [[w:impact investing]] services in USD.* [[w:United Prosperity (organisation)|United Prosperity]] [ (.org)] is a non-profit organization offering P2P microcredit services and operates with PayPal payments. It does not lend directly to the receiver of the loan, but instead a bank. The microcredit offered by the investors is used as collateral for the bank resulting in the bank effectively loaning almost double the amount of money invested by the investor.* [[w:Zidisha|Zidisha]] [ (.org)] is a non- profit P2P microcredit platform for investing in Africa and Asia. It is the first international P2P microcredit platform ever created. == Cryptocurrency based P2P lending services ==* - Global [[w:bitcoin|bitcoin]] (BTC) based P2P lending initiatives in emerging countries.* - BTC based SME funding* [[w:BTCJam|BTCJam]] [ (.com)] - BTC based P2P loans---- == Multiple countries / currencies ==* is P2P lending service operating in the EU, Latvia, Poland, Russia, Georgia, Denmark, Spain and Kazakhstan. The site is available in English, German and Latvian. = Africa === Nigeria ==* facilitates P2P lending to small farmers in Nigeria* facilitates farmers empowerment and enriching its funders in Nigeria ----
= Asia =
== India ==
=== List of P2P financial services in India ===
* [ Inox Capitals (.com)]*
* [[w:Milaap|Milaap]] [ (.org)] microfinance in India and Singapore
* [[w:Rang De|Rang De]] [ (.org)] microfinance by P2P lending.
* [ Inox Capitals (.com)]
== Korea ==
== Singapore ==
=== List of P2P financial services in Singapore ===
* [ Capable Loans (.loans)] - Loans and crowdfunding for individuals and businesses
* [[w:Capital Match]] [ (.com)] P2B financing for SMEs in the Southest Asia
* [[w:Funding Societies|Funding Societies]] [ (.com)] P2B financing for SMEs
* [ Minterest (.sg)] P2B lending to businesses
* [ Validus Capital (.sg)] P2B lending platform for SMEs and accredited investors
= Europe =
== Bulgaria ==
* is a bulgarian P2P finance service for consumers.
== Cyprus==
* is international money transfers in Europe
== Czech republic ==
* P2P lending for real estate. Features select-invest, ISA and auto-invest
* P2P finance for consumer mortgages and loans
* Koyo Loans
* [[w:Landbay|Landbay]] [ (] is a peer-to-peer lending platform for residential buy-to-let mortgages
* [[w:LandlordInvest|LandlordInvest]] [ (.com)] buy-to-let and renovating secured by real estate P2P investments and loans
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