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    "Socialforge is a social creation lab. A multilingual meeting place for whom interested to make the world a better place to live, through a positive social change.

    It is our belief that the new century is ripe for the self-empowerment of individuals and/through communities: all of us, as individuals, are carriers of new aspirations, and the time has arrived to consort in order to bring these ideas to fruition and to build a new society as a commonwealth of free citizens, without constraints either from faraway legislatures or from corporate directorates. It is indeed difficult to imagine a new world without envisioning and projecting how it will work. This initiative is named Socialforge, because we are strongly inspired by Sourceforge, the world largest freesoftware repository. Our approach is the same of free-software: as it liberated knowledge from artificial scarcity imposed by restrictive copyright, so we wish to supply a pool of political, social and economical ideas based on collaboration instead of competition, freedom instead of domination and abundance instead of scarcity.

    Socialforge isn't a typical website, its value depends on you. You help make this place useful to others. You help decide how it evolves. This website is an open workspace where everyone interested in the site topics could share news and information; discuss different ideas and viewpoints; build projects and propose actions; collaborate on documents; post announcements. Socialforge has lot of features but his spirit is, first and foremost, the one of a wiki, a website written by its visitors.

    Wiki means:

    • Free participation. Anyone, registered to the site, can participate and can contribute contents. Participants integrate or add what they believe to be the best.
    • Abundance and diversity. There's space for all, there's no need for a selective fight of opinions: every opinion is welcomed, as every criticism. Respect, courtesy and tolerance are a must.
    • Reciprocal enrichment: Each new content could add more knowledge to another one. Reciprocal linking of contents is the better way to do it.

    Skeptical? Make a visit to Wikipedia, the biggest participative encyclopedia ever made!

    Socialforge is a place under continuous construction. Knowledge gets built here just like in a city, with streets, foundations, relief, constraints, and an architecture... Everything usually begins around a small historical center. So, what defines our "center"?

    This is a draft list of Socialforge items:

    some of which goals are actually sensible. They might benefit from exposure to New Troll point of view and some analysis of the styles of capital and faction mechanics that are likely to apply when they really get going good.

    Should ConsuML move to SocialForge?

    What other interesting projects can we work with more closely?