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Sane accounting is probably more critical than moral purchasing in the long run as a way to alter corporate and government behaviour. Insane accounting is based on GDP and rewards the destruction of functioning ecosystems to replace them with expensive manmade services (for instance, to pollute a lake creates jobs cleaning it up, and bottling water, and selling the bottled water, so more money is circulating!) These will contribute to the destruction of the earth.

Moving to sane accounting standards based on nature's services now might save some lives, but, don't count on it. Monetary reforms almost never happened without massive slaughter or total economic collapse. And the people in charge of Earth now are so stupid that there is literally no chance that they can realize in time how stupid they are, become non-stupid, and shut down the World Bank, the worst institution on Earth.

This article is far too kind to the bankers and policy makers. It needs more about their crimes, to be brought up to neutral.