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    Some requested preferences-based features

    A preferences filter enables a consumer to specify what information s/he wishes to view and in what order in each case. Having scanned the RFID's of the products available in a particular store, the consumer would like to score and filter these before attempting to select from them.

    Preferences can be arranged and grouped in several ways, for example:

    • I want to filter products/services by supplier's eco-region, so I may shop locally.
    This can roughly be done by examining the Transportation Feature. The smaller the mileage recorded for a product the better?
    • I want to select from among the more ecologically safe, more socially moral products.
    Listing products within a product group by their composite rating from Opinion Wiki might be a partial solution. Perhaps Campaigns could have other attributes besides score, campaigners, votes and non machine-readable textual descriptions ie. Some campaign classification scheme. Ecology, Social, Labor, History, Quality...
    • I want to see only products/services that are approved by any two of my trusted auditor's.
    You would have to access the total listing of products in the store. Why not? This is a preference, but it's dependent on other preferences
    • Give me the top ten environmentally friendly products in this store.
    See above. And also this cannot be resolved by a machine. Limit the scope so that you want to see top three products of each product group in order of environmental friendliness and it can maybe done by utilizing composites from Opinion Wiki
    Disagree; place RFID tags on products; Whenever I walk past a product, my mobile receiver will sniff product code and look up the product in a database, and process and score it according to stored preferences. It should give me directions to a reliable source of Kit-Kat McFlurry, nearest to me right now. I should like to order a truckload. 04:13, 3 Dec 2003 (EET)
    Nope. It's well known that for example vegetables are more ecological then meat products in the sense of nutrients consumed in producing a certain amount of nutrients for the consumer so automatic ordering of all products in a store by environmental friendliness is inresolavble when considering that different product groups fullfill different needs. mmkay? Juxo 08:00, 3 Dec 2003 (EET)
    I don't mean to imply a total ordering; I recognise that it's a partial ordering with mood, for instance and hunger, and other factors which the unit cannot sense at this moment. But I am the agent in this relationship; faced with highlighted choices of top products by mood.. perhaps showing as different colours on my monitor screen. It is still my final decision as a consumer whether to purchase. 06:04, 4 Dec 2003 (EET)