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    Something that is good enough is not necessary a Good Thing but rather is just not the most important thing to argue about at the moment.

    Trolls notably have difficulty accepting anything as being good enough and may need encouragement in this acceptance from other factions.

    Consumerium Governance Organization must be the ultimate arbiter of what is good enough to actually get Consumerium Services running and the Consumerium buying signal influencing point of purchase decisions. It can and should schedule regular re-examination of concepts that are perhaps not good enough for Transparent Consumerium or for Distributed Consumerium, and should have plenty of time in advance to re-examine the whole healthy buying infrastructure.

    A list of things that are already good enough to build software on:

    Develop Wiki - mediawiki is good enough to coordinate development with
    Faction model - this can evolve as actual people arrive with actual basic differences, and realize their ideas about what is a Good Thing vary and the worst practices they hate most also vary
    Trollist ideology - well established, this is a troll-friendly wiki, so what?
    Lowest Troll has proven himself good enough and fair enough to run at least the development side, though he may not be right to run Research Wiki or Publish Wiki and certainly can't determine "what is just an Opinion" on his or her own
    healthy signal infrastructure model - there are enough requirements here to constrain the problem and help choose working parts, that's all that we need, nothing could be unhealthier than having no Consumerium Services at all
    healthy buying infrastructure subset of that model - basically this must evolve by rendezvous as essential projects start to converge with this one
    E Prime and glossary probably are good enough now in English only, that is, there are only so many essential concepts, or basic words in any language, what these need now is translation, e.g. into French, Finnish, Spanish, to identify ways the words have subtle differences
    add more things that are good enough

    If you disagree, just move the thing to the talk page. If you disagree with that move, well, too bad, it's obviously not good enough yet, so work on improving it before you add it to this list again.