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    ===Where should we host our mailinglist(s)?=== (start:Juxo 20:23 Jun 11, 2003 (EEST)) I've been thinking that we need at least two lists. One for developers, one for the interested.

    0. nowhere - manage the entire project using a wiki - meta.wikipedia.org should actually be running Wikipedia

    - the "mailing list process" is only a way for a cabal to take over.

    1. http://sourceforge.net (problems if we are going to have multiple projects)

    2. http://groups.yahoo.com/ (the echelon will have us - they have everything anyway though)

    3. http://pingviini.net (requires me to bug our root and do some configuration)

    I guess using Mailman like the 'pedia does is the best alternative Juxo 08:25 Jun 12, 2003 (EEST)

    4. Use multiple providers?

    Pump or Market Place ?

    What is the goal of Consumerium ? Pumping w:natural ressources or helping exchanges between consumers, producers and traders ?

    • House Elf : I want to buy w:local food in markets or supermarkets who know this is what I want, and who make the effort to respect my wishes, go and see local producers and trade with them. I don't want to lose my soap in the basin and waste it because of the bubbles.

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