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    We should talk about every body and any body, and also some body and no body, wherever we can. These terms are very clear, but user, troll, sysop, community, registered user, bunch of IP numbers that seem to say kind of the same things are not.

    No body = bots, corporations, ideologies, God

    Some body = alive and able to feel something, and we care about it, e.g. humans, orang-utans, whales

    Any body = any body who counts as some body, indefinite article, inclusive.

    Every body = all the some bodies together with no no bodies included

    Body politic = those bodies we care to represent


    About persons, e.g. Gus Kouwenhoven, "Do that in Disinfopedia or Wikipedia so we don't have to worry about Disinformation or being Biased so much yet."

    This policy is right. But according to those, this is quite possibly the worst person in the world who is not running a government but a corporation. Surely we should not *originate* such reports, but why can't we *reflect* them?

    We need *some* bad examples of people worth stopping, or else, we won't attract the people here who really want to stop them. It's only those people that have the motivation to get this done.

    I have observed these users who prefer them to be refered to as trolls (plural) and confusingly also as troll (singular) which they denounce as not applicable on many, many counts as they refuse identity. These "trolls" seem to insist that proper wiki governance can be achieved only by implementing a way of categorizing people in things they call factions. They constantly attack the integrity of sysops and especially software developers accusing them of corruption; the sole source of corruption to be more precise and quite simultaneously they push for confining people into factions identified by colors on something they call a political spectrum and not noting the fact that they have formed a faction called the simply "The Trolls", which is without any color.

    Having their own faction that has no color thus it is not viewable to human eyes renders them transparent giving them superiour stealth for doing many kinds of power grabbing. They (the trolls) may be useful in some ways for us to reach our stated goal of enabling political consumerism but I must strongly suggest that they cease to demand that factions be associated with colors while they insist on remaining without color. If they do not do this peacefully a sysop power structure will have to be formed to see to that this outrageous inbalance of this theatre is eradicated. --Wittgenstein 20:25, 23 Jul 2004 (EEST)

    yeay. --Juxo 00:05, 24 Jul 2004 (EEST)
    trolls choose black as the anarchist colour, and for the security of the dark.
    and we agree it is theatre.
    but what "power grabbing"? We have no technological escalation ability: no bot, no IP block. Everything trolls do must be by persuasion. How much more democratic can it get?