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Consumerium:User summary

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From the Consumerium:FAQ

Q: What exactly will this look like to me as an end user?

A: Here's our best current guess:
Our front end will be seen by the end user as a red/yellow/green light traffic-type signal, or as a score easily translated into a price premium, or as a note in Simple English about issues with, or merits of, the product. Release of this advice is keyed to bar codes.

This information, the Consumerium buying signal, helps you decide to buy or not buy.

Q: How will this data be updated to the users' device?

A:There are several ways to connect back to front end: we may rely on frequently updated data embedded in hand-held devices, and/or dynamic retrieval via short-range wireless to the shelf front. Where possible, reasons for making buying decisions, or refusing a certain product, will go as feedback to the producers.

This will hopefully change the way marketing happens to appeal more to values and less to superficial factors. See Consumerium:Executive summary.

Q: How will this data be kept accurate?

A:Our back end relies on opinion wiki comments compiled by software using a wikitext standard. Semantic link standards may be required also. To work out the conventions and issues involved, we are working through a wiki in the R&D phase.

This is that wiki. It is called the Development Wiki to differentiate it from the Research Wiki where facts are debated and most trolling occurs and from the Publish Wiki which has the exact information released to users and indexed on the net via google and other search engine resources.