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Consumerium:Consumer summary

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As stated in our philosophy we are working to empower you. Our main goal is to make information, both objective facts and subjective opinions locally and globally available to you. Ease of use and speed for your convenience are of high importance to us. That's why we are exploring new technological possibilities to make acquiring information and giving feedback as simple as possible.

We put detail into protecting your privacy.

Early future

We are working on providing a means of storing information of what you purchased in some medium that you can use to transfer the GTIN codes that uniquely identify all the products to your home or office computer and then connect to the WikiWikiWeb to evaluate your shopping from a social and environmental viewpoint. Most likely technological solution, for cost effectiviness and ease-of-use will be NFC (Near Field Communication) embedded to your Mobile device such as a mobile phone that most consumers already carry with themselves to the store

This allows for the following cycle to help you use more of your moral purchasing power

  1. Evaluate the products by in-store information
  2. Buy products
  3. Re-evaluate based on the information you get from WikiWikiWeb
  4. Keep some of this in mind when you go to shop again

We call this functionality The Checkout Consumerium.