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The Development terms describe the highly technical and political process by which Consumerium:priority is set. The terms used must be able to make both ontological distinctions and operational distinctions central to the project, and terms that confuse these distinctions must be rejected.

Obviously, this is true in source code where detailed distinctions will cause you to succeed or fail. But it is also just as true when you specify:

For instance, a worn device must be called that and not a mobile device, since the latter term might include things that are not regularly worn on the body, like a vehicle, and not taken into retail with you. Accordingly supporting a car phone, which is "mobile", doesn't deliver Consumerium buying signal, and would be totally useless for our purposes.

Likewise a healthy buying infrastructure has plenty of requirements that may or may not include relying on a healthy signal infrastructure underneath. So don't use these terms interchangeably, it creates confusion. Learn the difference and link to the appropriate page.


A list of development terms:

politics as usual[edit]

Eventually this will become the nastiest form of politics imaginable, as the Consumerium buying signal starts to change people's buying habits and individual buying criteria, and as institutional buying criteria start to exclude, systematically, whole classes of products and services. Funded trolls can be expected to pile in, and gleefully use every trick in and out of the trollbook to steer development towards things in their funders' favour, and away from things they want "not done".

Given the contention success will cause, its best to think of the Develop Wiki as a very political wiki on day one, more so even than the Research Wiki. A good list of wiki best practices appropriate to these is at DoWire .org: