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    Can we just pretend that it took me 11 months to figure out that consumerium is in violation of the GFDL ;) ? I'll automate the mysqldump as a cron job sometime.

    No trouble. 22:09, 25 Jan 2004 (EET)
    Double no trouble, since you weren't in violation. Technically, since you haven't banned any IP numbers, any reader can retrieve the source text just by clicking "edit this page". It would not be convenient to retrieve all of the texts that way, but, it probably would satisfy the GFDL. Whether it should or not, is another question. A bigger question is whether mediawiki sites can actually satisfy it at all, since their format can only be read by other mediawiki sites, i.e. there is no wikitext standard and mediawiki can't do an XML dump. So the effort required to create MySQL dumps might better be spent harassing the developers to make XML dumps work. They do in usemod.

    There was one homebrew spider that was badly parametrized so that it went into a loop causing useless hits. --Juxo 16:42, 27 Jan 2004 (EET)