From Consumerium development wiki R&D Wiki is a central registry of open source software project efforts. It has been criticized for terrible usability, require logins and email verification even just to report an easily reproducible bug, and other absolute failures as a feedback mechanism.

    Tikiwiki relies on it exclusively, which is a major drawback of that wiki code. Mediawiki, GetWiki, MoinMoin and Seedwiki all have some alternative channels that can be used by normal humans to report bugs.

    ConsuML has been set up as a project on SourceForge but predictably nothing has happened, helping justify SF's nickname SourceForget: anything that is only managed there is soon forgotten in its incomprehensible user interface and a haze of out of date projects and geek talk.

    The SocialForge project may prove to be much more reliable. At the least, actual end users may participate, and may be able to use the interface of it.