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    Reds are a notable global faction of people with common values.

    We hope the Wikipedia red faction will come and regroup here before taking another crack at the racists and fascists there!

    The rest of what is said here is controversial and intends to summarize how Reds will fit into the Consumerium social club and influence perhaps the Consumerium Governance Organization. Since Reds must define their own values and concerns, no one who does not consider themselves a Red should edit this article - what is here is only for illustration & discussion, and a copy of the original has been archived, so feel free to REDit this now.

    Used politically it will usually refer to anti-capitalists, specifically communists, who adopted this as their signal colour long ago. It stands for the blood shed by workers in the wage slavery system, and by soldiers in the wars started by capitalists for their own profit (yeah ok don't blame me I'm just the troll). They tend to really dislike workplace practices that exploit people like prison labour or child labour or slavery, although they see these as part of capitalism. They often focus on specific individual media barons or corporate figures as 'the worst problem' at any point in time, and distrust even Greens and Pinks in many cases.

    Accordingly, there will likely be a faction of Reds in the Consumerium social club and they very likely will insist on some factionally defined terms and standard labels for products produced by fair trade criteria.

    They will probably not want their own Consortium license because of their ideological objections to patent and copyright law in general. They may advocate the Consumerium License just becoming the GPL, or having no license at all as some kind of protest. When asked how specific bad copy problems or self-interested fork problems will be dealt with, and how worst cases and threats related to these will be averted, their answer will always be "these are all symptoms of capitalism - they will not go away until capitalism is smashed - so if these happen then just smash capitalism" etc. etc. rant rave.

    They will also likely be quite active in the content wiki - Communists are great reporters of facts, since they suspect everyone and everything with any connection to capitalism, and will always find "a fly in the ointment". For this very reason, however, their analysis tends not to be as strong or objective as that of Greens, and, they tend to be pretty damn boring too.

    Don't let them do your marketing either. They hate marketing, maybe because they're so bad at it.

    They are also good at municipal government. Many European cities are run by Reds, and these might be willing to use the Consumerium buying signal to make actual public sector buying decisions. That'd be great!