Green Software License

A Green Software License is any license with required reintegration of copyright and patent rights. Trademark may also be applied but only for some Green purposes to which people have already associated semantics and/or a factionally defined term precious to Greens, e.g. "deforestation", or standard label, e.g. "no old growth". Abusing these terms costs you your license, and non-Green purposes cost you some money.

Apparently such licenses are used within Green Parties and some clauses of this nature exist in some contracts, e.g. WarFTP's license. Apparently the parametric license to do this job generally is still in early development.

The Consumerium License may or may not qualify as such a license depending on how it treats its licensed deliverables and how much required reintegration it demands. This is up to the Consumerium Governance Organization which might also use only the GNU General Public License for software, while still using the Green Documentation License for content wiki, to avoid a potential bad copy problem or some of the worst cases that arise when small changes are made to the content by vendors.