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    A Consumerium intermediate page is a typical Research Wiki page of facts, allegations, opinions, and claims, all in a single organized Consumerium: intermediate page format. Such pages are commonly referred to as a product page, region page, etc.

    It includes everything researchers, and of course trolls, have compiled on a company, regulator, commodity, product, production method, extraction method, transport method, region, waste disposal method or channel. These are generally organized in the same way the service economy itself is, in a closed loop that takes all factors into account to help calculate a comprehensive outcome from any given consumer choice. We expect to have a few sample pages especially for:

    These sample pages are part of the GFDL text corpus, but contents are also licensed under whatever other Consumerium License applies to researcher work.

    Since these pages need to be processed relatively frequently into the Signal Wiki content, which generates the Consumerium buying signal directly, it is important to keep the Consumerium:intermediate page format simple and as standard as possible among the various types of pages. Inside the processing code that deals with score and price premium and other advice, each page is probably an object with a common set of attributes, specialized for each step of the service cycle, perhaps with custom code per sector to deal with the special concerns of each industrial ecology that are reported by researchers.

    The Metaweb intermediate page was the original best practice that this copies.