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    Illustration of Betula pendula (rauduskoivu)

    Starting situation: I used to have a bad w:birch w:pollen w:allergy that seemed to just get worse as years went by. I did not have that allergy from birth, but it developed at some stage.

    How I cured my birch pollen allergy in 2000

    The theorem: In the Spring of 2000, I formulated and tested my theorem that by consuming some birch flowerings I can make the allergy go away, by telling it very loudly enough that you do not make any sense.

    The method: I was living in Inner East Helsinki back then and every day when I passed a birch tree I would grab 2-3 flowering bunches and ate them with plenty of water, for the duration that they were present in the trees. This is called w:allergen immunotherapy, though I cannot know if consuming only pollen will do the trick or is there something else in the flowerings that is needed too for the allergy to call it quits.

    The taste: Like a carrot where from all sugar, water and orange color had been removed i.e. pretty bad

    Contains a side-effect: Occasionally I had perceptions like I was having a slight fever, but the allergy symptoms did not become worse from the consumption of the flowers.

    The unknowns

    1. I do not know precisely which catkins I ate and in which proportions, but looking at the pictures, I ate some of both male and female catkins in all stages.
    2. I do not know the species of the birch trees, but I could go have a look one day if any of them are still there.

    The end result: I have not had any birch pollen allergy starting from Spring of 2001. ~ Jukeboksi (talk)

    Information on birches w:Birch trees are of the genus Betula. In Finland there are three primary species of birch w:Betula pubescens (w:fi:hieskoivu), w:Betula pendula (w:fi:rauduskoivu) and w:Betula nana (w:fi:vaivaiskoivu) w:List of Betula species