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    Sorry for todays outage of some 1,5 hours in duration. I had to do some maintenance work. Actually I did really dirty hack of sed:ing the mysqldump and reloading it. I change two things:

    1. The project namespace used to be "Consumerium" now it is "Consudev". I haven't done any redirections for the old article names because according to a brief Google search no outside sites linked to any of the articles in the old "Consumerium"-namespace. This change of the project namespace was to "make way" or clarify the the difference of this wiki from the implementation wiki, which will use Consumerium as it's project-namespace.
    2. My nick back to the old form, sans the "h". I'm trying to recooperate from my multiple-nickonality-disorder
    Please make this Develop:, Research: and Publish: for the three different projects. Among other things this makes it very easy for other projects to copy structure. "Consudev" means simply nothing.

    Please report to me if this has broken something. sincerely, Juxo The Chief Gardener of Consumerium Gardeners and your loyal Lowest Troll


    Today I've been trying to get Templates and Categories to cooperate in such a way that pages could be tagged with a template that automatically lists it in a category so that we could coordinate cleaning this wiki up, but I'm having trouble getting it to work. I'll work on the issue though I'm quite busy trying to get through a book on marketing that I have an exam on on monday.

    The friendly folks at #mediawiki @ freenode informed me that this is a known bug and to get the Category to display those pages that have been categorized into it a category link embedded into the template need to be edited without any changes made and saved and then the category link starts to work.

    But today I got evidence that sometimes studying pays off. I run across a mention of Consumer Reports while reading for the exam. An independent organisation that's been protecting and advicing consumers since 1936 is surely a notable player and thus it's web-publicationclearly belongs in Essential projects unlike some obscure crap that's populated the Essential projects-article


    Allright. Today is time for a Delethon.

    Yes, Yes, I know it's uninspirational to delete stuff without adding some useful material but today I've exhausted myself by cleaning two flats and moving a hell-lot of stuff from one flat to another so I'm tired.

    I plan to weave some sense into this wiki soon by organising the information and putting the overtly trollist content into a realistical perspective (Now one could ask how realistical is it to say that I'm going to single-handedly detrollify the wiki :p ) --Juxo 21:39, 18 Aug 2005 (GMT)

    We, trolls, will resist all the way. What is realistic is that trolls have won all their battles on large public wikis, and that today, the New Troll point of view is accepted as being required to undo systemic bias. Even at Wikipedia there are projects to undo systemic bias, and, there are arbitration committees, and those who were anti-troll, e.g. Eric Moeller, Daniel Mayer, have been driven off by trolls mostly.
    Why would you wish to attack material which is correct, to replace it with crap (like "virtual community") which is wrong?


    Today I've been cleaning my flat and I took some e-waste, mostly old broken computer equipment to the communal (YTV) trash and recyclable collection centre (Sortti-asema) that now accept e-waste free of charge due to the new EU legistlation that imposes a recycling-fee on manufacturers and importers of electric and electronic equipment charged in the sale of new equipment which pays for the recycling costs. This is a great solution since before this new law there was a fee that one had to pay to get e-waste correctly scrapped and recycled, which naturally lead to people throwing e-waste into ordinary trash bins that then wound up in the landfills with all the hazardous materials (like lead in CRT tubes) polluting the environment.

    I certainly hope that the processing of the e-waste they collect is in order because, like some of youl, I have seen TV-footage from a chinese town that has turned into the e-waste-land of western electronics with oxes pulling carts towering with used phones, faxes and computers of all sorts and the poor workers heating up circuit boards without any or next-to-none breathing etc. protection to collect w:copper and whatever other valuable materials can be recovered this way from the e-waste.


    It's been really quiet in here, but maybe we will pick up some speed as we head to autumn.

    Today I updated the MW installation to 1.4.7. This was not a security related upgrade. It contained some bug fixes.

    Also I'm changing the "Project"-namespace from "Consudev:" to "Consudev:" to make way for "the implementation wiki" which in turn will use "Consudev:" as it's project (or meta) namespace