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    These are proposed Research Wiki policy. All are open to editing/comment as none of these wikis yet exist. See also Publish:policy and Publish:administrator for more stringent control. Research has no control, only controll which is a tensegrity between the Research:sysop, Research:editor and Research:trolls. To control research is ultimately to cause it to fail, or hand it to one faction to use as a soap box and etc.

    sysop role[edit | edit source]

    The Research:sysop functions are:

    editor role[edit | edit source]

    The Research:editor has a totally different job:

    They do not debate, leaving this to factions. Discussion is limited to questions, not advocacy. No one may advocate a position using an editor nor a sysop account.

    taking editor role means losing sysop role, and vice versa[edit | edit source]

    As they edit facts from researchers, trolls and anonymous edits, they will become annoyed. Despite that, editors cannot come to any conclusions whatsoever about the nature or intent of the persons they deal with. Accordingly it is dangerous to let them block IP or perform other operational distinctions since they will inevitably confuse those roles with their editorial role. Accordingly they rely on the Research:sysop for these things, but must have an arms-length relationship. Since the sysop can block IP of spambots and ordinary obvious vandals, but must leave trolls entirely alone to form factions, it is quite dangerous to let editors tell sysops what to do:

    Any large public wiki has factions, but Consumerium itself is especially reliant on them for training, recruitment and debate, in the same way as a parliament relies on every political party to drive its debates. A sysop must not interfere with this.

    Accordingly the sysop and editor functions are kept separate - to take an editor function implies giving up all power to do technological escalation, while, to accept that power means to give up all editorial input at all.

    versus Publish or Develop policy[edit | edit source]

    The Publish:administrator by contrast has much more specific Publish:administrator guidelines that are suitable to managing an orderly publication by a responsible party. And, also by contrast the other way, the Lowest Troll and trollish is about the only way that the Develop Wiki is "managed" at all. The high level of chaos seems to be creative and effective - resulting of course in the design of Consumerium:itself.