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ICT skills for Business[edit | edit source]

General info about computing facilities in HH[edit | edit source]

  • HH has purchased licenses for nearly everything that MSFT sells. ( Check Mynet for more info ? )

Moodle is a highly flexible, free software, open source learning platform.[3][4]

With comprehensive, customizable and secure learning management features, it can be used to create a private website for dynamic online courses.
Moodle (acronym for modular object-oriented dynamic learning environment), (stylized in lower-case as moodle) is a also known as a learning management system, or virtual learning environment. The platform can be used for e-learning projects in University, Corporate training, School and Other sectors.
  • HH uses VDI w:desktop virtualization in its computers to bring an extremely available and responsive computing experience to thousands of users using the approximatelly 2000 computers there are in HH Pasila Campus. ( Wikipedia )
  • w:WinSCP(.net) is the tool of choice for Windows users moving files to network folders. ( Teacher ) Another option for Windows is the PScp available here ( jubo-jubo )
Winscp allows you to access Myy-disk at home etc.
If you are using OS X, Linux or FreeBSD at home you can use the pre-installed command line tool scp to get same functionality ( move files between machines securely ).
The scp uses underlying ssh tool for security and encryption which can be used to securely connect to a shell on a server. ( jubo-jubo )

Power Point 2010[edit | edit source]

Microsoft PowerPoint is a slide-based presentation program developed by Microsoft. ( Wikipedia )

Word 2010[edit | edit source]

Microsoft Word is a word processor developed by Microsoft. ( Wikipedia )

ICT Skills for Business 2[edit | edit source]

Excel[edit | edit source]

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet ( w:fi:taulukkolaskentaohjelma ), an interactive computer application program for organization and analysis of data in tabular form.

Spreadsheets developed as computerized simulations of paper accounting worksheets.
The program operates on data represented as cells of an array, organized in rows and columns. Each cell of the array is a model–view–controller element that can contain either numeric or text data, or the results of formulas that automatically calculate and display a value based on the contents of other cells.
Excel features calculation, graphing tools, pivot tables, and a macro programming language called Visual Basic for Applications. ( Wikipedia on w:Microsoft Excel and w:spreadsheet mashed together )

  • Payment calculation
w:Principal * w:Interest rate == w:Interest
w:Present value
w:Future value

More on using Excel:

Cloud computing[edit | edit source]

In cloud computing abstraction layers provide ability to move virtual servers around the cloud. It can anticipate breaking down of single physical components and move the services to a sound, functional piece of server hardware in advance to the physcial component breaking up.
In addition to these fault surviving technologies cloud computing is very ecologically efficient as several, even tens of virtual servers can live on one physical machine instead of expensive server hardware sitting idly as the load is much lower then the total processing power by a factor of 10x or so. Think of a business buying a big physical server which is then utilized to 10% of it's maximum capacity whereas in cloud computing you can thanks to virtualization technologies have much better utilization rates for actual physical devices. ( jubo-jubo )

Things as a service[edit | edit source]

In the w:business model using software as a service, users are provided access to application software and databases. The cloud providers manage the infrastructure and platforms on which the applications run. SaaS is sometimes referred to as “on-demand software” and is usually priced on a pay-per-use basis. SaaS providers generally price applications using a subscription fee. ( Wikipedia on w:Cloud computing )

SPSS[edit | edit source]

To learn to use SPSS consider taking the User:Jukeboksi/BBA studies/Toolkit for Quantitative Surveys intensive week course.

Microsoft Project[edit | edit source]

See User:Jukeboksi/BBA studies/Project Management in Multicultural Environment

More information[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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