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    I'm _so_ gone celebrating! It's about time to get really really focused and rewrite half of the contents of the wiki. Thanks to Shamath. You the ****ing geniuses.


    Sorry for the harsh language, bad metaphors and general disorientation of my recent edits, I'll fix them sometime.


    Giguu. My GPRS is working, not perfectly, but it'll have to do and I got me some XDSL too. Now all I have to do is to find a ethernet cable that isn't broken. And I need a job so please give me one if you can.


    I'm _so_ going to have the mother of all nervous breakdown if i don't get 24hrs internet in the next couple of days. I'm on gsm-data @ 9600 bps for "mere" 17 cents a minute right now.


    I'm working on some Improvements to the Wikipedia software because I want to give something back to the 'pedia community. Maybe if I come up with enough braincandy for the developers they might implement m:Placetime markup, which would be just the thing we need for Consumerium. It been clear for a while that the part XML is playing in consumerium design will propably be replaced by wiki markup where ever applicable. It's sad that the Sourceforge ConsuML activity percentile is at 0%, but there is a lot of hassle in my life at the moment and all the trolls are still at the beach... or something. I'll try to scratch up some pseudocode for m:HACSAW when I find the time.


    I'm officially moving to w:Helsinki this week and I hope to get some money so i can get on XDSL (gets connected the same day) before I can get my ADSL hooked up again. (month or so) I've been busy bothering the Wikipedia developers about HACSAW, but they seem to be persistent that I should learn to program for myself (again, *sigh*) and stop bothering them with my infantile "I want this done, but I'm not going to do it myself"-attitude. hummm....

    Anyways... I have to rewrite User:Juxo/Wikipedia software ideas to be more clear and I guess i could pseudocode some of the simpler stuff recorded there. Also must think about how m:HACSAW should be done right and pseudocode it, since it isn't picking up the wind I thought it would.

    Oh. And I'm going to install the new codebase here on Consumerium, the auto-TOC is just too nice to not have here... Unfortunatelly I'll have to do it all over again when the link anchor feature that Magnus has been working on gets to the stable tree. Having no command line php i guess i have to do it all manually.

    Now I'm off to see my cousin, who'se flying in from London. Haven't seen her for ages.

    I'll get on track once I get this moving hassle out of the way. <- Yeay, I know I say that a lot.


    Basically all my machines and connections broke so I decided to go sailing, which was nice and relaxing. I'll get my technology sorted soon and get active again in advancing our goals. I've had some pretty good ideas conserning convergence with Wikipedia and Wiktionary lately, but unfortunatelly all I have is this archaic technology that makes it unnecessarily hard to get any ideas and directions recorded before they vanish from my mind due to not having access to the wiki immediatelly and the number of other issues occupying my mind. I need a job and a reliable connection both fixed and wireless to give a full contribution ...or something. Bear with me, please.


    Stupid machines stop annoying me and start working properly!


    I keep on forgetting what I'm supposed to be doing :(


    Being homeless for a while I have no decent connection to the net so you'll have to excuse me for my inactivity


    Well I went sailing for a few days. Unfortunatelly my phone broke during an upgrade and my laptop's battery is also totally cooked, so I could not write up the ideas that came to me inspired by the lovely refreshing sea air and relaxment. Today there was some quite rough weather and I'm really tired so I'll go to sleep now, but I'll be up and running soon.