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    Good Walpurgis Day (Vappu in Finnish, the celebration of students and workers in Finland) everybody. I'm going to get just totally drunk in Raisio today and I'll propably continue the same tomorrow since it's a national tradition in Finland and it's good fun as well :)


    I just stumbled upon, (Vendor Reporting...) I really can't figure out what it like _really_ is but at first glance it seems to be some effort by NYSE so standardize vendor contact information, which would be kind of nice if it pulled through, because then we could use VRXML (or just make our XML compatible to it) to identify companies, their subdivisions and contact people withing companies (For arranging feedback and up-to-date company info and such)

    I don't know exactly what they (NYSE) mean by vendor or why they want monthly reports of inventory. I don't see how it should intrest a stock exchange what is the inventory of some company... I mean that if the inventory goes down, then liquid assets usually go up and vice-versa, so what does that have to do with trading stocks??

    From there on I followed some link and found out that there is an w:ISO standard for identifying subdivisions of countries (States, Provinces and such): ISO 3166-2 Codes for the representation of names of countries and their subdivisions -- Part 2: Country subdivision code

    The bad news is that a copy of the standard costs CHF 194,00, which is a lot of money and I personally am so broke at the moment and if I got some I would buy a bluetooth phone, so I could connect to the net, when I'm away from my ethernet. I guess we'll just have to use Wikipedia to get country divisions.

    do you plan geographical identification to be only per country ?
    Noooo. We'll implement identification of multiple overlapping geographical areas. Mainly country, province village (includes cities), ecoregion and the joins of the before mentioned (eg. Some countries form an free trade area). If I'm missing something essential, please add it.

    Yeeees. The new Safari update finally arrived. Tabbed browsing is very nice.
    Oh Noooo. I'm so convinced that my system is compromised, not the one running the wiki, but my iBook. I just have to hope that the firmware is still good, so reinstalling the OS will cure the problem:

    bash-2.05a$ cat subscriptions.xml 
    bash: lcat: command not found

    If someone knows if there is a hotkey to put a password lock on in Mac OS X, please let me know. I dislike going to System Preferences all the time to turn screen saver locking on and off.

    sorryyyyy, still on 9. Good night.


    Today I have burn-out and I don't have the strength to read through your todays contributions or to contribute myself. I hope to get myself together soon and join the effort again. I'll read through the new material soon.


    Back on ADSL. Houston we have a problem: I have to admit that I would lie to keep a job if I really needed it and I imagine there are lots of other people that would do the same. I would even lie not to make my employer look bad and thus decrease the livelyhood of my fellow employees.


    Helo. I'm in w:Tampere now. I stumbled upon this internet bus that is a free service provided by the library of tampere :) Respect to library of tampere. I just wrote a stub on Consumerium:Philosophy, alert the hordes of trolls.


    I'm going away to the country side to relax and enjoy the quitness over Easter, so please don't vandalise anything while I'm gone and if you do it won't last that long. mysqldump rules ok. Have a nice Easter you all. Oh, and I grabbed also a copy of so I'll have a good idea where should we target our efforts there when I get back.

    I appologise for being so immature as to get all worked up by some advanced Troll. Now I'm finally off to the woods to contemplate on the meaning of Easter.

    15.4.2003 16:45 UTC+2

    Wrote an small article on Consumerium in Wikipedia. Next I'll go for gross overlinking from anything and everything and meaningless minor edits to w:Consumerium to keep it popping up in Recent Changes. hehhehheehheehheehh *grin*

    Paul R. Lees-Haley's description of how scares are caused is interesting in context of consumerium - because, people will try to influence buying with phony scares, so how does consumerium ensure information is accurate or balanced properly?


    Excellent additions at XML/DTD by some IP. Especially the stuff on w:ecoregion. Also go see responsible shopper it's really convergent with our goal. We should contact them to discuss synergy matters.

    Some stats from analog:

       13:  3.23%:   286:  3.29%:   2.423:  3.37%:

    Some fanatic w:Internet Troll from 142.177.X.X (which seems to be in Canada) is really wearing me out. This troll is very advanced: cross-defining terms mixed with useful input mixed with malformed grammar mixed with links to strange discussions and very talented in getting pseudo-offended when I reverse edits.


    Ok. Back online with my most trustworthy operator and I changed my pass also so there shouldn't be anymore severe security breaches like the f***ing vandalists who tinted the 0.1 logo centre yellow, which was really offensive and pissed off lots of ppl. If someone has GIMP and an idea for logo 0.3 it's most welcome. Must sleep now.


    Today I'm in w:Helsinki now and I can't get access to freenode network from the local irc client here :( Maybe in future we set up an IRC channel #consumerium on freenode, but it's not a priority at the moment.

    All the features should have names and their own dedicated page. I'll get on that.

    Maybe we should have some products to play around with to illustrate the features, so here is an tomato