Troll pride

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    Troll pride is refusal to cooperate with sysop power structure: "our cooperation is not-cooperation and a necessary mirror to your ridiculous expectations of behaviour." Trollist advocacy often makes reference to it.

    The trolletariat is the projection of class struggle into large public wikis. Troll organizations such as the Wikipedia Red Faction may assert this as rationale or resistance to the "neutral point of view". Where a priestly hierarchy or GodKing rules, this is wholly appropriate.

    By contrast, the New Troll point of view is progressive and demands consideration and standing for newcomers above current participants, even the most trusted ones. However it does not demand total disenfranchising of sysop power structure, simply puts them in the service of trolls.

    Elements of troll pride include:

    A troll pride could also, in the sense of a "lion pride", be taken to be a small familiar unit of trolls, which patroll roughly the same home range (IP range).