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Tiddlywiki .com is wiki software: a complete wiki in one HTML file with the internal logic, GUI logic and logic for saving the file in JavaScript. It termes itself as "a reusable non-linear personal web notebook". The non-linearity part is just what we need, since the pages that are published to the consumer, must be arranged according to their preferences (ie. to include the information they are interested in, in the order they want it and to filter out information they don't want to see).

User:Juxo has been testing TiddlyWiki for some time now and used it to make lecture and reading notes and says "I think it'd rock if it would have sync facilities" like XML import. "There are a dozens of modifications of it floating around so maybe there is one somewhere that would sync with a public wiki the public parts of the personal wiki" and be useful to edit a Publish:namespace that was specific to each user, not to each type of user.