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This is bullshit anyway. The real article on the Red Faction was deleted unaccountably and should be restored, because its a good example of conflict between an ethical minority and an unethical sysop power structure. Even its ending is a good example of that.

"One thing I've noticed is there seems to be a systematic persecution of left-wing users on Wikipedia. Users who do nothing but make POV right-wing rants like User:Ed Poor get made admin. The only admin who tries to help protect left wing users from persecution, User:172, is himself persecuted (Wikipedia:Conflicts_between_users/172, User_talk:172_sysop_status). Other users who might be called left wing like User:Wik are also persecuted (Wikipedia_talk:Requests_for_arbitration/Wik,Wikipedia:Conflicts_between_users/Wik).

An interesting thing is that the right-wing users are all ultimately and leveraging their ultimate power - that Wikipedia's servers are owned by "Jimbo" Wales, who controls everything, doled out adminships and so forth. I should note that Jimbo, who controls Wikipedia's capital of servers, is a fan of the far right Ayn Rand. The right-wingers base what they want to do on authority - the authority of adminships, where they can ban users and so forth and so on."

- from English Wikipedia User Richardchilton's account of systemic bias of Wikimedia and the way it contributed to Wikipedia Red Faction's eventual and total suppression.

I heard several sysops pressured plato into disbanding his red faction.--Genyphur 05:03, 24 Sep 2004 (EEST)

  • Are you kidding me? One of the sysops, (not stating the name but can be found easily) was an disgraced assistant to Pierre Salinger in the 1980's. -- 04:47, 12 May 2012 (EEST)