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    Who is a trusted auditor for Consumerium's content wiki?

    Depends on who you choose to trust. Looking at Content Wiki you'll note that anyone can sign any version of any article and you just have to set your preferences to reflect what / who you believe.
    Then again we will have to offer some sane default values. So we need a default on how to set the default and so on. I have no clue about how to do this without high likelyhood of combusting spontaneously. So the short anwser would be beats me.

    How do we know when to believe the instructional capital we have been provided by Consumerium:contributors?

    You are referring to here and now? Have you slept enough? Are you eating well?

    What other user roles must support auditors?

    Enron accountant consultant role?

    This function is so important, betting against the auditor finding problems might have to be supported directly, so there is maximum incentive for auditors to find all problems, and for trolls to keep maximum eye on the auditors.

    I believe I owe you one KitKat McFlurry already. Care to double or nothing?

    Auditors are a critical part of any Market Model.