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    list of known sysop-vandals should be somewhere, so we know not to give them sysop status on the Research Wiki, should they ever show up. It's unclear how prior vandalism on other large public wikis should set a precedent, but, we should note these people anyway:

    Adam Bishop - evidence in this trollog
    Erik Moeller - truly incomprehensible number of incidents, probably the very worst echo chamber liar
    Angela Beesley - runs her own AngBot - potentially a vandalbot if used for ad hominem revert and ad hominem delete against her enemies
    English Wikipedia User Guanaco - maybe more sysop vigilantiism
    Daniel Mayer - probably started the trend, root of much Wikimedia corruption

    Ending Wikimedia might be the only way to get rid of these stupid people.

    a definition censored from Wikipedia by sysop vandalism itself - the same attack censored GFDL corpus, text of which you can see in Talk:GFDL corpus.

    Sysop vandalism is wiki vandalism by those unfortunately entrusted with administrative ("sysop") powers. It is surprisingly common on large public wikis, but violates provisions of open content licenses such as the GFDL.

    Most such vandalism is authorized by clauses in Wikipedia policy that authorize the deliberate degrading of the quality of the GFDL corpus in order to discourage those who disagree politically or otherwise with the sysop power structure that has gained control of the wiki's policies.

    As there is no mention of such structures or provisions in the GFDL, and the effect of such clauses is simply to restrict access to improved or corrected material, this is one of several ways in which Wikipedia violates GFDL.

    Typically the power structure will deny that they violate the license or abuse the trust of contributors, and will delete articles such as this which expose their activities. They further will deny that there can be any such phenomena as sysop vandalism, since they believe that vandals are defined by themselves, not by any objective criteria that could be verified by an indepedent board or a court.

    See also: GodKing.