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I was just talking with our hostmaster the other day and he told me that python is a nice language and it seems that my iBook has the python interpreter built-in so I might play around it with it a little, but I still see no reason to extend another wiki implementation instead of Mediawiki but as you've noticed you are free to fork from Consumerium if you hate using mediawiki so much --Juxo 23:05, 21 Feb 2004 (EET)

There's no reason to switch wikis for R&D purposes - we have maybe covered one third of the R&D issues by now. But mediawiki will *never* implement the features you are asking for, and better wiki code like tikiwiki already has done so. So sticking to it just because you have installed it once isn't a wise decision. If you were looking objectively at all these technologies, the Python integration, better architecture, and now cell phone support makes MoinMoinWiki the obvious choice. Just as if you were looking objectively at all the licenses now, the Creative Commons "attribution and share-alike" license probably makes more sense than the GFDL. This is what R&D is for: to make mistakes.