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    Please note: This article is deprecated in favor of a new design thus the contents are not coherent with current plans. PLS NOTE: this is not a normative name

    A Campaigner is someone who is participating in a Campaign in the Opinion Wiki by:

    1. Is listed in the Campaign:CampaignName/Members page (or belongs to a Group or VirtualGroup that is listed there) and therefore has rights to edit the campaign pages
    2. Has made an unofficial promise to act personally in accordance with the campaign goals
    • All campaigners are automatically assumed to vote for their own campaign
    • A campaigner can resign from any campaign anytime by removing her/himself from the Members-page
    • A campaigner cannot be a member of multiple campaigns directed at the same entity at a single time, so one has to choose the campaign that seems to have the best argumentation, research, view of the world or popularity. Though it is not yet clear how this type of condition will be sorted out when they occour