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Status quo

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What is the status quo of the Consumerium Services and understanding of how to deliver them? How close to best cases are we getting? Which worst cases are happening? Have you started to believe in some threats or visions that you use to dismiss as fantasy? What's really going on now?

Everyone is invited to add an entry regarding this, at any time, below. This is one way Consumerium:Itself can listen to itself, and begin to evolve:

2003 November 20 - A much clearer idea of Consumerium Services and how a Consumerium License and Green Documentation License might help to support them is evolving. Co-operation with other essential projects seems much more feasible if the Consumerium Governance Organization retains right to move material between licenses, since several actually seem to be in use by projects it would be good to co-operate with. One problem that might occur is that contributions under GFDL might not be re-licensable unless we shift to a license that clearly puts the right to shift material with the CGO. But with so few contributors, almost all anonymous, it seems not very relevant yet. There is time to think about this clearly. What seems to be missing at this point is Consumerium User Stories that can start to inspire people, and Threats and Visions that maybe come from someone other than a troll. Trolls are helpful to get things going, but humans must eventually take responsibiilty for themselves and start to be honest about their behaviour.