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    Product registries[edit | edit source]

    Independent non-profit product registries[edit | edit source]

    Industry-associated product registries[edit | edit source]

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    Product registries that used to exist[edit | edit source]

    • AMECE was a Mexican product registry at
    • EANnet Australia was an Australian product registry at run by a not-for-profit and the access they offered product information to for-profits and non-profits. Their service pricing scheme was very similar to ECCnet (Canada) which was also a non-profit product registry
    • ECCnet (Canada) - was a Canadian not-for-profit product registry at ECCnet was operated by The Electronic Commerce Council of Canada (ECCC) a Canadian not-for-profit corporation and they offered access to for-profits and non-profits were clear and available. Their service pricing scheme is very similar to EANnet Australia which was also a non-profit product registry They had a really nice web page which works and their approach and communiques are well thought out. There used to be information for example on the Can-Trace Initiative for foodstuffs origin tracking for Canada as well as global traceability standards related documents.
    • UCCnet (US) - not-for-profit subsidiary of Uniform Code Council, Inc. was an American product registry at
    • UDEX (UK, France) - was a commercial product registry for France and UK at
    • SINFOS was a product registry in Germany, Austria, Netherland and other European coutries at SINFOS product information pool was a product registry by SINFOS GmbH and the Centrale für Coorganisation (CCG), the German member of EAN International, was a product information pool. It was used by many Consumer Goods Manufacturers and Retailers in Europe to communicate comprehensive technical product information on a many-to-many basis which naturally provides improved efficiency and better service for consumers compared to the old way of many isolated communications in the supply chains. In 2004 SINFOS will be operational in at least the following countries: Germany, Austria, Spain, Netherland, Finland.

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