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A paid or authorized useris one who satisfies the exact terms of the Consumerium License and should not be subject to lockout (although a software error may make this occur by accident - see reinstall for issue).

Since it is not clear that all users of a healthy signal infrastructure will be equally desirable or have equal access, payment by the least desirable to pay for those uses deemed most essential (like the healthy buying infrastructure) seems the best way to make the Consumerium Buying Network self-funding in the longer term. Payments for some users thus is zero, and for other users it might be high, or infinite in the case of Gus Kouwenhoven, who will not be an authorized user under any circumstances.

The Consumerium Governance Organization may also decide that:

  1. all users are authorized with a payment of zero including vandals, trolls, those actively trying to subvert and displace the Consumerium Buying Network, and Gus himself (expect resignations and extreme vandalism in this case as trolls will use their access to destroy the network)
  2. all users except those it specifically considers vandals are authorized
  3. those users who pay receive some additional Consumerium Services (for instance, the Consumerium buying signal may be richer and more detailed for those who pay, and only a red light for those who have paid nothing to it)