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One big wiki is the theory that many factions can come to agree on basic editorial and arbitration policy, and thus produce one large compendium instead of splintering off into small ones. It's similar to the theory of one big union originally advanced by the IWW or "Wobblies". If one cannot "get along with" all the factions and tendencies that are willing to work for change, the theory goes, one cannot possibly maintain this resolve in the real world they seek to change.

The wiki form of this theory was proven to be very viable by Wikipedia, which concentrated much effort to build the original GFDL text corpus. It has since been somewhat challenged by the emergence of various others like Disinfopedia and Metaweb, for specialist purposes that do not fit the neutral point of view but instead employ multiple point of view. The Consumerium:Itself is another specialist purpose that is inherently multiple but has a rather extensive analysis of its problem area (moral purchasing and political consumerism) that tries to remain "neutral", but is deeper than could be justified in Wikipedia.

Wikinfo and Recyclopedia seem to be more direct challenges to the "neutral" view. Either may yet become one big wiki in which many factions work to some common purpose - though what that is, is undetermined.

See Talk:faction for more discussion and debate on this.