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The XML document metadata generated by memeio "deals with immediacy, concept distinction and intent. Version 0.0.3 of the draft adds support for formal deliberation, updates, and annotated tables of contents.

memeio.xml schema version 0.0.3 RELEASED JUNE 17th, 15:00 Pacific.

memeio-xml is designed for use by document aggregators and other applications to reveal immediacy and concept data so that readers may better understand intent. This metadata provides immediacy state (e.g., content not format change times) and declarations (e.g., draft, delete, rescind publishing declarations), glossary, bibliography and other references, and pointers to concept databases such as memeio, where distinct concepts in the document are identified.

From the memeio point of view a deliberation is a document associated with a deliberated document which specifies the subject and scope of the deliberation, defines the terms and distinct concepts used, and provides references to source materials, authors and moderators. A deliberated document can have a history of deliberations - some of which are historical, some of which may still be active." - Steven Ericcson-Zenith, in the deliberation_research yahoogroup.

The Publish:policy might draw something from the memeio model or even use memeio-xml.