Internet Service

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    Internet Service and the Internet Service Provider who vends it or contributes it to Consumerium Governance Organization is a key concern, as one or more high bandwidth boxes will probably be required initally to get the first Consumerium Services running. Although traffic will be low, the problems may become visible.

    When real production server boxes are in use, there may be more than a few worst cases that cause problems for the ISP, and make it hard to retain our IS. This might include spam falsely identifying itself as being from "us", or other discrediting measures trying to shut us down and bring the USENET Death Penalty down on us. Certain threats will move from the realm of fantasy to being real credible worst cases during our initial deployments. A good relationship with our IS, preferably strong common values too, would be of some use in minimizing this as a Consumerium maintenance concern. As we evolve to Transparent Consumerium it will become harder and harder to make credible claims that Consumerium:Itself is the origin of any problems caused by our rivals, opponents, and paid trolls.

    In the longer run, the switches themselves might run very low overhead Consumerium protocol to deliver our Consumerium buying signal with very few vulnerabilities, and a few reflector boxes might simply accelerate this by cacheing user data and label data and barcode information (this is initially centralized in the Consumerium Data Whorehouse which, as the name implies, is a very bad idea and vulnerable to every kind of nasty disease and privacy problem and should be eliminated as soon as humanly possible). Distributed Consumerium will not rely on any such privacy-risking central data, and will minimize the centrally controlled information economy also.

    In the long run, the ISP will do Consumerium maintenance and if there's any need for special skills, the Consumerium Governance Organization will hire a guild or consultant to do it, that it trusts to steer this properly.