ISO 19011

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    ISO 19011 is a global accounting standard, astonishing as that is. It depends on a mature styles of capital analysis developed in ISO 14000 and ISO 9000 series. It does not really include SA 8000 considerations which is where a project like Consumerium can really help - but only if it adopts the standard as a basis for its own auditing process.

    For instance, the Consumerium Software License might allow for any group using its software to submit to a trusted auditor applying this standard. If the group doesn't pass, or isn't nonprofit, some fee might have to apply. This could be a way to fund an increase in hardware requirements to do a better job of reading barcodes, or keeping the software development process going. This would make us a true Consumer Consortium ultimately, totally independent of donations, including donations of skills and our time.

    Such a standard auditing requirement would not prevent responsible global groups from participating. Certainly it would help prevent a lot of worst cases, and make it very hard for governments already committed to these standards to argue with our results. In fact, it might make us invincible...

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