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    The HawHaw.de mobile software framework is supported by tikiwiki which relies on it for its mobile mode. It is free WAP server-side tools. HAWHAW V3.04 is the most recent version listed on a WAP shareware directory.

    In version 5.0 they added VoiceXML support.

    The most recent version according to [1] is 5.6 which is Lynx enabled for hearing impaired and ultra-low bandwidth users.

    There is no support for it in mediawiki.

    I don't see why it can't support mediawiki, since mediawiki does valid XHTML (give or take a few glitches of user insertable HTML maybe) and if it's a XML to WAP (and many many others) server there is no reason why XHTML (which is a valid XML grammar) couldn't be delivered via HAWHAW --Juxo 18:04, 7 Sep 2005 (GMT)

    "In the early days HAWHAW was a small PHP class library..." [2] but it has grown to become the only major supported "class library for easy creation of hybrid WAP pages." and is widely distributed.

    It is integrated with XML, VoiceXML and many other technologies as detailed in the FAQ. A yahoogroup exists for more difficult inquiries.