Guidelines for claiming corruption cases in Research Wiki

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    Claims of corruption are trivialized and hidden from view in the following way:

    1. Constant sysop vandalism of any attempt to document claims that anger Wikimedia, which will be labelled "false" or "unsubstantiated" even with prima facie evidence. Censorship of any background material that supports arguments that this is bad for GFDL corpus, or that there is in fact any such corpus other than Wikipedia.

    2. Making a list of what to attack in the article Claims of corruption or COC

    • Claim: Party (company, organisation, country, official or institution): General description of corruption claimed (name of the claim).
    • Larger description of claimed corruption
    • Jurisdiction (if applicable)
    • References and Proof.
    • Filed by and Filed date

    3. For purposes of knuckling under to libel chill by GodKings and so on:

    If you want this, it's up to YOU to dig through the page histories, logs and deleted pages (notably those about people like Erik Moeller) to find the exact specific Wikipedia mailing list quotes that back up all the claims.

    Please refrain from stating corruption cases in the Development Wiki for the legal threat posed by such claims takes up our efforts and time which would be much better spent on solving the practical issues.

    The most practical issue is the disappearance of essential articles like w:Genuine Progress Indicator and such due to sysop vandalism of the GFDL corpus. This is turn is caused and supported by Wikimedia corruption. Until you understand how that will sabotage the whole Research Wiki effort, you don't understand. So your request is refused, this need is still extant, and if you aren't working towards dealing with it, you aren't working, and it's time for someone else to run this project.

    4. The most effective way to claim corruption is to simply do so at Wikipedia itself, under a wide variety of IP addresses and userids to minimize the ability of the sysop power structure to totally censor it. By doing so the analyses of people like English Wikipedia User Richardchilton - one of the Reds apparently - can be made visible and copied quickly by others before sysop vandalism of his analysis.