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    The EPOV is more than just a USPOV or UKPOV. It is more basic then either, and harder to notice. It should be resisted in Recyclopedia.

    It means variously "English point of view" or "Empire point of view". Basically leftover assumptions from British Empire and postwar American English speaking culture that have managed to turn whole fields into more or less useless ciphers for authority that have no real reference to the human body or to ecology or anything else that Empires find quite inconvenient or rude. This is particular difficult/unfair to Simple English Users who are not brought up, or "brainwashed" in this culture.

    The treatment of economics, philosophy and psychiatry in Simple English really must be quite different than in Full English, and in Recyclopedia different from Wikipedia, for this reason if no other.

    See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:EPOV for the Full English Wikipedia's view of its own systemic bias. This is not as critical as it could be, which is normal, since no one who speaks English as a first language will really be fully aware of EPOV. Translators in particular would be much more aware of it.

    Also, see major discussions on http://meta.wikipedia.org such as http://meta.wikipedia.org/wiki/linguistic_democracy_in_a_multilingual_project - and, see debates around economics, ethics, politics, philosophy, psychiatry as conducted in other languages. It is often remarkable how different they are.

    A major advantage of Recyclopedia is also being able to draw on articles from Consumerium, Metaweb, Disinfopedia, or other projects that might have less EPOV problems, and may provide an alternative to Imperial views.