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    Politics is ethics carried out in public, meaning it is somewhat for show, and maybe violent or at least potentially violent. Why would anyone try to confront anyone about their ethics in public unless they feared being attacked for it, or were trying to rally others to force someone to stop what they are doing? w:Bernard Crick, a British political scientist, argued that even politics as usual was very important in deciding what ethics are or what morality really means, and how far we are willing to go to achieve it.

    From New Troll point of view, or "in trollish", politics is about the w:political virtues: even Simple Trollish has words for all the virtues:

    These democratic values he saw as alternatives to ideology or any "absolute-sounding ethic". Trolls have been known to err in favour of moral order and use it as an excuse to ignore prudence. This appears to be a cultural or social issue more than a political one: the trolls are undisciplined in part because they are young, or are themselves trolled so heavily without prudence, e.g. by Lowest Troll, that they just lose controll. But if they do, the Lowest Troll is very likely to bite them on the leg so hard they lose it, or get driven off by trolls they offend...

    Ethics could be defined as politics carried out in private with no one watching. This might be boring, but, it is less likely to lead to violence.