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One essential consideration in designing the Wikis and the proposed Intermediate pages is the ability to collate information in different ways so that the Consumerium buying signal could be delievered flexibly according to medium available for delievery and personal preferences of the consumer.

How these design requirements are met should be discussed.

Schools on this are:

  1. Usage of standardised sub-paging schemes. see Article Structure and Consumerium:Intermediate page for ideas
  2. Usage of standardised strict syntax within articles such as the following example where the product is "corporate branded" (see Brand management for more information on this term):
"this is a product under a brand by the company of same name. 
The company in question is a Multinational Corporation that has an 
wholly owned subsidiary somecompanyname LTD in this country. 
The Multinational  Corporation is based in country, subregion village 
and it is enlisted in somestockexchage as somestocksymbol etc..."