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    The Sysop Vandal point of view or Cabal point of view (usually abbreviated SVpov because CPOV is used to mean Critical point of view) is the view of the sysop power structure and (if applicable) GodKing.

    Some think it is closely associated with w:scientism, that "those who have technological power, are morally superior by definition" and that this POV simply rationalizes infinite technological escalation by those who think they are fated to always be in possession of technologically superior tools. See also Apache Helicopter point of view and Cruise Missile point of view and Fox News point of view.

    The statement There is no cabal is of course from cabal point of view and expresses their desire for control with secrecy and no form of outside accountability. It is basically an in-joke.

    By definition, any group of people approves of their own systemic bias and rejects strong opposition to it. This forms a cabal which new trolls, perhaps foolishly, oppose in the assumption that the cabal can be forced to see sanity, by anything short of political opposition. The New Troll point of view is thus usually (but not always) the opposite of the SVpov (strictly speaking it is the exact opposite of usual happy NPOV talk). The NTPOV indicates ethical attempts by trolls to defeat the SVpov by rational and reasoned argument, before the service is subject to real-world opposition (e.g. widespread criticism, legal action, etc.) due to its political importance. In general such attempts fail because of the lack of ethics of the sysop-vandals.

    Thus troll activity acts as an important warning to the sysop vandalism advocates - when it slacks off, that indicates either that the wiki has become politically irrelevant, or, that opposition will continue by other means, e.g. lawsuits, or the more standard revolutionary methods for wiki regime change.

    Sometimes just using the word cabal as Troll Silent, Troll Deep did triggers hostility and censorship by the cabal itself

    The Wikipedia Red Faction Claims to be opposed to the cabal.