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    " The current climate seems to be hostile against admins enforcing our policies. I would like to change that. -- Daniel Mayer (aka mav)" [1]

    This is the single most persistent advocate of the SVpov. Thankfully some even on the vile mailing list seem to be identifying it for what it is, and may soon require it be flushed:
    "With all due respect, how often do you edit en:? I count 28 edits in the month of May. I often beat that in a day. On the other hand, in the same time period I count 48 pontifications from you on the en: mailing list, which I must admit I can't hope to match. Might I suggest you are dealing more in theory than in practice?" - John Robinson [2]

    The worst sysop vandals reinforce each other strongly and obviously in political ways. For instance Daniel Mayer tries to bulldoze the idea of Erik Moeller as a "backup trustee" against all sanity and process, and Erik Moeller instantly answers "I will advance to full trustee should any sitting trustee resign from the board (over the duration of the term). As I understand the Bylaws, in that case the trustees can elect an interim replacement". It is clear that these two echo chamber and libel participants wish to make it inevitable that one of them accede to the Wikimedia Board of Trustees, probably after they make English Wikipedia User Anthere's life difficult so she resigns. Such an event would likely however trigger Ragnarok!