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    We aim to present each line of work with verbal, numerical and audio-visual means so that each person can better evaluate the price to be paid for the work done to produce a consumer good.

    Jobs in developing countries

    One good example to start with could be to illustrate the work perfomed to make a cup of coffee, since the coffee farmers are paid starving wages for their work unless they are enrolled in a fair trade contract.

    Also differentiating the work description of an organic coffee farmer from a non-organic coffee farmer is one of the goals for aqcuiring a database of work descriptions.

    Coffee farming is much less infrastructural capital intensive then cocoa farming, which requires lots of processing besides the farming of the beans

    Jobs in developed countries

    See landfill, on points of why we need to develop a public, free knowledgebase on how different professions work in their working environment. We need to know about how functions are usually handled by workers so we can figure out where there is room for improvement in ecological or social issues

    Historical aspects

    We also aim to describe how a profession has changed over time due to advancements in technology.

    Also to put the current work/consumption equation into some perspective also work descriptions of historical professions are to be collected

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