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    What you type is not what they see[edit | edit source]

    It is possible to make link texts differ from the name of the target using the "pipe" (unix) symbol which is "|" like this:

    • [[XML|eXtendable Markup Language]], which would be presented like this eXtendable Markup Language
    • Remember [[reality first|what ever you want people to see second]] if you have trouble remembering which way it is.

    This is called anchor text and is usually best avoided, as it does not reinforce the name of the page in the end user's mind.

    Name spaces[edit | edit source]

    There exists a number of namespaces in the consumerium wiki space these are

    • "Special" this is used for machine generated pages, accessible through the "special pages" drop down list on the top of the page
    • "Talk" this is where you go, when you click on the "Discuss this page"-link on an ordinary page
    • "User" you can have a page of your own in this space if you register following the "Log In"-link on the upper right hand corner
    • "User_talk" for discussions with registered users ("Discuss this page"-link on User pages)
    • "Consumerium", is the rough equivalent of the Wikipedia-namespace on Wikipedia.
    • "Consumerium_talk" is for Discussing the Consudev: pages
    • "Image" image uploading is disabled for now, sorry
    • "Image_talk" image uploading is disabled for now, sorry

    Hiding namespaces[edit | edit source]

    You can use "the pipe trick" to hide the namespace without typing in alternative text like this

    • [[wiktionary:Product|]] (notice the "pipe" symbol) is presented like this Product
    • [[Consumerium:Village pump|]] is presented like this Village pump

    Interwiki linking[edit | edit source]

    is used to link to other wiki's namespaces without writing the fully qualified URL. This makes collaboration between wikis much simpler.

    Links outside Consumerium are colored differently then the usual ones.

    MediaWiki 1.2.0rc3 and GetWiki defaults[edit | edit source]

    The following are the non-standard wiki URIs which are the unwise defaults: (as before) (notice the change from wiki.phtml to index.php (new ease of use without mod_rewrite

    The standard wiki URI as used at Wikipedia would be - the /wiki/ subspace indicating articles amenable to wiki based editing. There may be other spaces for /print/ or a non-wiki /edit/.

    Current Interwiki links[edit | edit source]

     REPLACE INTO interwiki (iw_prefix,iw_url,iw_local) VALUES

    Linking to other language Wikipedias[edit | edit source]

    Should anyone have the need to link to Wikipedia in languages other than English, just stick in the language code like so: Wikipedia:fr:Commerce équitable or w:fr:Commerce équitable.

    Proposed Interwiki link standard[edit | edit source]

    Please use alternate anchor text to simulate an interwiki link standard for now, e.g. en: Recyclopedia: avoid anchor text. Eventually this should be directly supported in software.

    Linking to URLs that use apostrophes (')[edit | edit source]

    Directly writing the apostrophe to the url does not work and the apostrophe (') should be replaced by "%27" instead of the apostrophe, in the URL. Ugly but it works.