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Troll-friendly offer

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A troll-friendly offer is a specific offer to help a troll in a struggle with the sysop power structure. It is not an offer to help a troll in conflicts between users, if no ability to subvert a technological power granted to the sysop and not the troll is involved. A true troll-friendly offer is an offer to actively subvert the accountability system of a large public wiki, say by entering troll text under one's own name, so it is untraceable "who wrote it", which would defeat almost any witch-hunt and in fact make it very hard to prove without much additional documentation that the person who wrote the text had actually intended to release it via the GFDL. For instance the person who received this guarantee could lose it, delete it from email or their own wiki, or simply refuse to help the wiki owner fend off a copyright violation lawsuit by the original author...

For all these and other good reasons, it is far better to make the wiki so troll-friendly that no one ever makes such a special offer, and there is no incentive to subvert the tracking system or encourage conspiracies against the sysop power structure.