Conflicts between users

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    Conflicts between users must take limited cognizance of their status on the Opinion Wiki or Content Wiki. These are guidelines for resolving conflicts on either - the rules on each can be expected to vary somewhat. A process for resolving these is a key part of Consumerium Governance:

    • Most important: Whoever has the most technological power must be assumed to be in the wrong until they can prove they are right. This is the only way to balance sysop power structure and is similar to the presumed innocence of those who come up against the state (which has more technological power and social credibility). This is one of many reasons to be troll-friendly.
    • Typically, only one user will want the dialogue to be public and uncensored (if both wanted it private, it would be in email or IM obviously). So the wiki form of the dialogue should be handled this way:
      • The user(s) seeking to expose the dialogue must put all relevant exchanges they are aware of, as a subpage to their article page, detailing as completely as possible, their exchange or issue with the other. Examples are 142.X.X.X/Angela and 142.X.X.X/Tim_Starling. Note: These must NOT go in the User: space, else dialogue falls under the control of only one party, at least according to the rules sometimes proposed by User:Angela (each user controlling their own user space).
        • Suggestion: If a group of users has an issue with another group, that must be handled by each side adopting the assumed name and unity of identity that their opponents have accussed them of. That is, if three users are considered to be one and treated as one, they must answer as a group - under the name that is assumed to be that of one person. Failure to respect this principle leads to outing and failures to consult each other and this can only end in divide and conquer tactics that do not get at the truth, but rather, break up factions by technical means.
      • Censorship of talk files must be strongly discouraged, and links to the dialogue must be added where talk has been moved. Exploitation of developer or sysop powers, or distraction tactics (moving some talk while deleting other talk at the same time as part of a lot of edits, as User:Angela is known to do), must be strongly discouraged as well.
    • Dialogue should be left alone, with only factual corrections made without comment. Those making such corrections should avoid assigning motives or doing any psychiatry, leaving "the two" to resolve their issues as much as they can, alone. Let them settle their Duelling POV issues without intervention.
    • Discourage use of labels; Encourage those labelled to turn the label around and make it a mark of pride, e.g. "trolls". Destroy the cognitive power of those labels everywhere by rendering them morally neutral or even desirable.