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    This is about figuring out what needs to work at what point in time and how the graph goes.

    Prioritized / Do first items[edit | edit source]

    • Semantic MediaWiki for implementation stage wiki. First in English and as we go along and figure it out we can probably add other languages to the semantic input capable so we don't have a horrible APOV (Anglophone Point Of View). I think the trollz called it EPOV, yep.. should be ESPOV (English Speaking Point Of View).
    • RDF data ontology acquisition and mirroring the various data sources into local databases quite rapidly for development, efficiency and ecology reasons.
    • Open the first public SPARQL endpoint onto the public database (or possibly a curated database)

    Important in future[edit | edit source]

    • New languages introduced as there is interest. Language vs. Area resolved gradually by adapting best and good practices as we go about this.
    • Establish security framework for storing secret data. Obviously some data will need to be protected against unwanted access. Sometimes that includes the Lowest Troll and other people who may be assigned technical privileges.

    Useful in the future[edit | edit source]

    • Automate backups intelligently.

    Do very carefully once sure we know we got it right[edit | edit source]

    Low priority in the future[edit | edit source]

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